Expert Exchange on OIML Certification System Issuing Authority

2023-06-08, 13:30–16:30

Offline and Online, The Directorate of Metrology Office, 13.30 - 16:30 IDN (UTC +7)  / 08:30 - 11:30 DEU (UTC +2)

The Global Project Quality Infrastructure (GPQI) and the Indonesian Ministry of Trade (MoT) are hosting an offline and online workshop titled “Expert Exchange on OIML Certification System Issuing Authority”.


The event will be held on 08 June 2023, 13.30-16.30 (IDN: UTC+7)/08.30-11.30 (DEU: UTC+2).


Legal metrology is an important aspect of a national quality infrastructure system, the main objective of which is to ensure accurate, reliable and traceable measurements to ensure the safety and quality of products. To achieve this, it is important to align the legal metrology framework with international standards and best practices. Building on the success of the previous discussion on legal metrology in Germany and Indonesia, this expert exchange on the OIML certification system will discuss how legal metrology can be refined to become an issuing authority body.

Join the discussion by filling in the registration form below before 07.06.2023. For online participants, the dial-in details for the virtual meeting will be sent to the registered persons before the date of the event. Please note this event will be in English.


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