Indo-German workshop on cybersecurity


On 30 November 2023, experts from the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and TÜV Süd came together to meet with industry representatives. They discussed the role of the IEC 62443 Series of Standards in making the digitalised world of the future a safe place for industry and consumers.

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Across the globe, the digital transformation equally affects society and the economy. The need for strong cybersecurity is therefore becoming increasingly relevant and necessary.


Cybersecurity describes the application of technologies and processes to protect systems, networks, programs, devices and data from cyberattacks. Cybersecurity further plays a key role in the development of solutions for a digitalised, reliant and safe Quality Infrastructure (QI).


The role of IEC 62443 for trade

IEC 62443 facilitates trade and investments between Germany and India. Organisations that are certified according to IEC 62443 can demonstrate that their systems have solid protection against attacks from cyberspace. Such certification promotes trust in international value chains and fosters the compatibility of cyber-physical systems. It is an important step towards enabling trade – and cybersecurity – across borders.


Different parts of the IEC 62443 series of standards address various roles in the supply chain, which makes it widely applicable.


The role of IEC 62443 in India

The event saw experts from BIS and TÜV Süd present their perspectives on IEC 62443. BIS presented the state of implementation of IEC 62443 since its partial adoption of the series in Juli 2020. This included a discussion on critical challenges in the realm of cybersecurity, like how to enhance digital resilience and how to ensure proper implementation of regulations. In addition, BIS presented which parts of IEC 62433 are currently being considered for adoption.


In a detailed presentation, IEC 62443 expert Meghana Pote from TÜV Süd gave valuable insight into the Series of Standards. After introducing the basics of cybersecurity and IEC 62443 she covered assessment, testing and certification under the Standard. Ms Pote then moved on to presenting the auditing essentials under IEC 62443.


The presentations were followed by a lively discussion in which industry representatives posed questions and gave input on a variety of aspects of IEC 62443 such as its scope, the application to new AI technologies and the hierarchy between standards.


Making cybersecurity fit for the future

The workshop facilitated a professional exchange on cybersecurity and IEC 62443 and its implementation. It represents an important step in the cooperation in the field of standardisation within the Indo-German working group on QI.

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