Quick guide on Global Production Language launched


The quick guide on Global Production Language explains the benefits of retrofitting old machines within Industrie 4.0. It is aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and encourages them to engage in the debate on open standards. A group of industry experts developed the guide within the German-Brazilian Working Group on Quality Infrastructure.

The quick guide explores the differences between the four industrial revolutions.
The quick guide explores the differences between the four industrial revolutions. © Festo Brasil / GPQI-GIZ

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are often not aware of the advantages of freely usable standards for their digital transformation. For this reason, the working group decided to create a quick guide on Global Production Language. The publication aims to highlight the main benefits of adopting open communication standards in Industrie 4.0 retrofitting projects.


In Brazil, many SMEs are entering Industrie 4.0 by retrofitting old machines. Retrofitting machines enables interoperability and the integration between floors and factories. Open communication standards support these retrofitting projects. They help improve the overall quality infrastructure (QI) for Industrie 4.0.


The Global Project Quality Infrastructure (GPQI) and the German Mechanical Engineering Industry Association (Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau – VDMA) have been collaborating to raise awareness on Global Production Language, open standards and retrofitting.


Together, they aim to engage the private sector in the debate. The focus on SMEs, as they embark on Industrie 4.0, is part of the effort to modernise the Brazilian industry and to make it competitive.


The quick guide provides information on retrofitting old machines

One of the most important topics in the quick guide is interoperability and retrofitting 4.0 resources. © Festo Brasil / GPQI-GIZ

As a result of this partnership within the German-Brazilian Working Group on Quality Infrastructure, we are pleased to present the quick guide “Global Production Language – Connect old machines using new Industrie 4.0 standards" (Linguagem global para Produção – Conecte suas máquinas antigas usando o novo “plug da indústria 4.0”). The publication is available in Portuguese as it is aimed at Brazilian SMEs. It is available free of charge on GPQI’s website.


The guide explores topics such as the rise of Industrie 4.0, its differences to other production models and the importance of retrofitting. It also explains how to implement retrofitting strategies in companies.


Open standards are essential in the framework of Industrie 4.0

For the global adaption of Industrie 4.0 solutions, manufacturing companies must be able to seamlessly connect different machines and equipment as well as other systems. This requires open communication standards.


These standards must be built on the know-how of the manufacturers of different types of industrial equipment to ensure that the respective standards take all relevant data into account. Open standards improve the QI system as well as industrial structures by promoting modernisation and interoperability.


If you wish to engage in the discussion on open standards in Brazil, please do not hesitate to contact us at brazil@gpqi.org.


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