Joint Technical Report Digital Twin / Asset Administration Shell


The “Joint Technical Report Digital Twin/Asset Administration Shell” gives an overview of the collaboration and various standardisation activities related to Digital Twin and Asset Administration Shell. It provides information on the status of work and potential mutual approaches in China and Germany. The report also presents exemplary use cases and core national and international DT stakeholders and technologies.


The report is one of the bilateral harmonisation outcomes of the Technical Expert Group Digital Twin/Asset Administration Shell of the Sub-working group (SWG) on Industrie 4.0 / Intelligent Manufacturing. The SWG acts under the umbrella of the Sino-German Standardization Cooperation Commission.


In this research report, Chinese and German experts have identified similarities and differences in the definition, use cases and implementation of Digital Twin and Asset Administration Shell and gained some common understandings to jointly participate in the formation of ISO and IEC-related standardisation teams.

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