Research Report on Standardisation Requirements for Intelligent Cockpit


Technical development of the automobile intelligent cockpit is currently booming and related functional products in the intelligent cockpit field are rapidly iterating – thus greatly enriching the functional application of the cockpit and improving the user experience. At the same time, intelligent cockpit products are related to user experience and have become one of the key factors in the core competitive strength of automobile products. However, many related technologies were still developing and progressing, leading to a deviation between product performance and user demand. At the same time, construction of a standards system for the field of intelligent cockpit systems was seriously lagging. Therefore, constructing a set of intelligent cockpit standards systems provides vital support to the development of intelligent cockpit systems.


The “Research Report on Standardisation Requirements for Intelligent Cockpit” analysed the development of intelligent cockpit technology and the technical category of intelligent cockpit and developed the roadmap for intelligent cockpit standards.


The paper is a result of the Sub-working Group Intelligent and Connected Vehicles (SWG ICV). It is implemented under the umbrella of the Sino-German Standardisation Cooperation Commission (SGSCC). SWG ICV was founded in 2021 and it supports the coordination of common positions in international standardisation bodies and the promotion of ISO standards.

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