Roadmap Technical Expert Group Network Communication


This strategic roadmap of the Technical Expert Group (TEG) Network Communication (NetCom) presents the forthcoming research endeavours and collaborative initiatives of the Sino-German cooperation on NetCom.


The intention is to conduct joint research in the future, particularly on the topics of ‘Large-scale time-sensitive networking (TSN) networks’ and ‘LRP RAP (Link-local registration Protocol/Resource Allocation Protocol)’. Both sides agree that the results of this collaboration can be considered in international standardisation organisations such as IEEE and IEC, including methods for testing TSN networks and feedback on future standards.


The TEG NetCom of the Sub-working group (SWG) Industrie 4.0 (I4.0) / Intelligent Manufacturing(IM) was created to drive I4.0/IM industrial communication-related subjects. The Sub-working group also reviewed the new IEC work item proposal (NP) for TSN profiling for industrial automation. In addition,  the aspects of spectrum and co-existence management in international standardisation were addressed. Although TEG NetCom initially focussed on Wireless Networks for Industrial Automation (WIA) and TSN areas, it was agreed to extend its scope to wireline communications. As a result, the specifications, guidelines and testing activities in addition to IEEE 802 standards and projects are at the core of Sino-German TSN activities. Joint activities in the years ahead will furthermore include the IEC/IEEE 60802 TSN profile for industrial automation.

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