Systemic Approaches to Quality Infrastructure: A comparative study between Germany and Mexico


The robust trade partnership between Mexico and Germany underscores the necessity of comprehending the shared traits and distinctions within their respective Quality Infrastructure (QI) systems.


This publication aims to enhance the understanding of the similarities and differences between QI systems in Mexico and Germany. It delves into the various components of QI and how they contribute to achieving high-quality, compliant products and services. Moreover, it identifies “inspiring practices” in QI, presenting opportunities for mutual learning, fostering new areas of collaboration, and encouraging both nations to contribute their unique strengths and expertise toward international QI harmonisation.


Formulated within the framework of the German-Mexican Dialogue on Quality Infrastructure, this study originated from a series of workshops titled "A Systemic Approach to Quality Infrastructure Mexico – Germany" held between March and November 2021. Additionally, insights from the study "United in Quality and Safety," published by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK), alongside information gathered from interviews with representatives of the Mexican QI System, enrich the contents of this document.

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