Examples for Business Scenarios in Manufacturing Industry


This joint report arose within the cooperation line “Use Cases and Applications” in the Sub-Working Group Industrie 4.0/Intelligent Manufacturing of the SGSCC (Sino-German Standardization Cooperation Committee). The overall objectives of this Sub-Working Group are the deepening and intensification of the Sino-German cooperation in the realm of standardization.
The cooperation line “Use Cases and Applications” analyses business strategies and customer needs in the manufacturing industries by looking at concrete customer projects. The findings are compiled into so-called use cases based on well-known best practices such as the Industrial Internet Reference Architecture (IIRA). These use cases facilitate a common understanding of markets, trends and solutions. They can also serve as a fundament to articulate requirements for standardization aspects.
The purpose of this document is to describe different business scenarios and illustrate how digitization in the manufacturing industry can impact the design of business models in various ways. The document argues that the preparation of the individual business scenarios is generally understandable for people who are familiar with the fundamental value creation processes in the manufacturing industry.