Use Case and Scenarios of Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance


Cover of the publication. © Oliver Hick-Schulz / GPQI - GIZ

Efficient production relies significantly on the availability of production equipment. The intended usage of such equipment must be assured, and unscheduled downtimes must be prevented.


For this purpose, monitoring and evaluating the condition of the facilities and their components is essential. This process is called Condition Monitoring (CM). Based on the assessment and with knowledge of the intended processes to be carried out, it is possible to predict the remaining error-free operation of the equipment and plan possible activities for maintenance. This process is called Predictive Maintenance (PM).


The report “Use Case and Scenarios of Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance” provides basic reference and guidance for the implementation of predictive maintenance. This is done by exploring nine use cases of CM & PM for a workshop or plant and 22 CM & PM scenarios for assets.


This collection of use cases was completed under the joint efforts of Chinese and German experts over a period of three years. It is open and regularly updated. The report applies the methodology of IEC TC65 WG23 and extends the scope of Use Cases CM of Production Resources in WG23.


The core of the presented use cases is to predict the future health status of assets based on CM. This is done by using data-driven or mechanism-based methods, optimising maintenance resource allocation and providing reasonable recommendations to stakeholders.