Views on Data Spaces in Industry


The topic of data spaces is complex and currently being discussed – with different approaches – in various communities. The Sino-German joint report “Views on Data Spaces in Industry” adopts the following position on data spaces to lend structure to the topic:


  • business viewpoint

  • usage viewpoint

  • functional viewpoint


This approach is in line with the guidelines offered by the cooperation line Use Cases and Applications. In this way, the various discussions are systematically integrated into a generally accepted framework to contribute to a better overall understanding.


This report is a result of the bilateral dialogue of the Technical Expert Group Use Cases and Applications of the Sub-Working Group (SWG) Industrie 4.0 / Intelligent Manufacturing. The aim of the Sub-Working Group is to analyse business strategies and customer needs in the manufacturing industries based on specific customer projects. The findings are compiled to create descriptions – so-called ‘use cases’ – based on proven best practices. These use cases facilitate a common understanding of markets, trends, drivers, concepts and solutions. They can serve as a basis to articulate requirements for standardisation aspects.


The report shows that applying the concept of Use Cases is appropriate for systematically preparing a complex topic and thus contributing to a better overall understanding.