Brazilian Government launches public consultation on National Strategy for QI


A public consultation on the National Strategy for Quality Infrastructure is now open. Stakeholders can submit their ideas for the initiative in Portuguese until 15 September.

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Shaping QI together. © freepik

The Brazilian Ministry of Development, Industry, Commerce and Services (MDIC) has launched a public consultation to foster social collaboration in shaping the National Strategy for Quality Infrastructure (ENIQ). The main objective is to gather evidence-based information, ideas, suggestions and experiences that can shed light on challenges and opportunities in the field of quality infrastructure. The public consultation is a invaluable opportunity for individuals, businesses and organisations to contribute their insights and expertise to create a more robust and efficient quality infrastructure framework in Brazil.


ENIQ's goals

ENIQ aims to cover objectives of economic, social, and environmental development while promoting technological progress within the nation. This way, Brazil seeks to strengthen competition in the productive sector, expand access to global markets, foster job creation and increase income opportunities. This strategic approach is designed to enhance the quality and safety of products, services, and processes. It creates an enabling environment for attracting more investment. The initiative has a 10-year timeframe and includes Action Plans every two years.


The initiative was introduced on 29 June by MDIC during the inaugural meeting of the Technical Advisory Committee on Quality Infrastructure,  a body established by the National Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality Council (CONMETRO). This committee is in charge of drafting the ENIQ. The public consultation, only available in Portuguese, can be accessed until 15 September via this link.

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