Quality Infrastructure

Is my new toaster safe to use? Can calls from my mobile phone be tapped or interfered with? How can I be sure my children’s toys and clothes don’t contain toxic materials?


With the growing complexity of modern economies, it seems impossible for individuals to know the answers to questions like these. So effective quality infrastructure now plays a crucial role in many aspects of our lives. Quality Infrastructure (QI) creates confidence.


QI – An infrastructure ensuring our safety every day

Quality infrastructure is the system put in place to ensure products and services are safe and of high quality. It covers everything from standardisation and conformity assessment (testing, inspection and certification) to accreditation, metrology and market surveillance.


Within this system, experts and QI institutions work together to protect people, health and the environment. These experts create the quality and safety that are important in many areas of our lives – in production processes, at the workplace and in the market. QI plays a vital role in business, innovation and trade – both nationally and across borders.


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